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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Free, Monthly, and PRO?

Wysebridge Free is the generic profile of the platform, that allows users access to forums, posting and replying.  Monthly is our month to month access option, that unlocks everything contained in PRO, for 30 days post payment.  PRO contains all the advanced study guides, test questions, and exclusive forums that you need to make your learning faster and more efficient. PRO provides you with hundreds of exam questions, video and resource packs, and quizzes to help you sharpen your exam-taking skills and knowledge of the MPEP. PRO also provides direct customer priority support, and provides unlimited access to the resources till passing. PRO also provides the money back guarantee

How long do I have access to PRO once I enroll?

With Wysebridge Pro, you will have unlimited access to materials, support, and resources for 12 months with no time restrictions. If you do not take the exam during the year, you may provide us proof of either: Your attempt to take the exam and non pass; or a major life event which precluded you from taking the exam; or another justifiable reason for not taking the exam during that 12 month time frame (up to the sole discretion of Wysebridge to determine if the event/reason qualifies to allow continued access to the platform). In general, if you aren’t sitting on the platform stealing resources or sharing your login with your friends or others, you’ll be fine.

Do I need to know about patents and patent law before signing up?

No, most of our users have little to no prior knowledge of patent law when they sign up. Our program is designed to teach anyone to learn how to pass the patent bar exam.

How often are the course and study resources updated?

We are continually updating the Wysebridge resources to stay current to the latest USPTO MPEP rules and rule changes.  This includes creating new exam questions, updating summaries and chapter reviews, and incorporating new tech to best prepare you to pass the exam.

Wysebridge Patent Bar Review