How long does it take to apply for the exam?

This is vary based on the documents you may or may not have readily available. As a reminder, you will need official transcripts for most applications. Gathering these documents could take a few days to a few weeks, so you’ll want to factor this time in planning out when you are taking the exam.

Official transcripts are required to establish both the award of a Bachelor’s degree and completion of each course relied on to establish scientific and technical training in Category B.

Please note that a diploma, a copy of a diploma, or an unofficial transcript is not acceptable evidence of a degree. Each applicant must provide an official transcript from a college or university as evidence of the degree received. An official transcript issued to an applicant will be accepted provided the transcript includes a university or college stamp or seal.

A letter from the registrar specifying a degree or degrees is not sufficient.

Transcripts must show the same name as the application. An applicant who has changed his or her name must submit legal documentation of the name change, such as a marriage certificate or court order.

The transcript must be official. However, the applicant may send the transcript to OED as the transcript does not need to be sent to OED directly from the university or college. An applicant instructing a college or university to send transcripts directly to OED at the USPTO should provide this information in a letter accompanying the application.

An applicant is urged to furnish the university or college with a copy of a certificate of mailing (enclosed in this General Requirements Bulletin) and instruct the institution to include a completed and signed certificate of mailing in the envelope with the transcript.

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