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This is the Wysebridge Passing Rate for first time exam takers compared to the USPTO national average 47% passing rate.

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On average our users study for 87 hours before taking and passing the USPTO Patent Bar Exam.

How do we do it? streamlines your study experience by eliminating unnecessary lectures and extraneous legal accreditation/CE content. We focus on deep data analytics to curate content and study materials that target the most tested topics and frequently asked questions on the exam.


Case Example: Expert Insights + Data Driven Content

Most Patent Bar Exam questions (77%) are drawn from just 5 of the 29 chapters.

The other 24 chapters statistically contribute only 23% of the questions.

Notably, the 10 most tested chapters account for 91% of the exam.

Focusing equally on all chapters leads to inefficient use of time and energy.


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Detailed Chapter Reviews

Quickly learn the architecture of the MPEP with our targeted and detailed MPEP chapter summaries, focusing on what really matters.

Frequency Charts

We make studying and focusing easy. By analyzing past exams and anecdotal evidence, we focus on what is tested most.

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With one of the largest post-AIA question databases (built from USPTO training resources), we have plenty of questions to practice on.


Over 1000 flashcards designed to help you rapidly assimilate key facts and knowledge about the exam.

Exam Insights and Tips

Gain invaluable insights, from prometric software bugs to practical tips about how to actually take the exam, on the day of your exam.

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The Wysebridge Patent Bar Review materials were very helpful in my patent bar preparation. Because some of the material was known to be repeated on the Exams, I was able to focus more time on those while also studying the other materials and test questions. I studied for two months (while working full time at a law firm) and I passed the first time. I credit passing the first time to Wysebridge and focusing on the provided exam questions and materials.

Kathleen Cafee

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