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Over 8 years, 4500+ users, and nearly 80% passing rate (on a traditionally 50% passing rate average exam)…here’s just a few things they’ve said about their experience.

Best Patent Bar Exam Study Program

I would recommend Wysebridge Patent Bar review to anyone that is planning on taking the Patent Bar exam. I found their staff to always be available, which was a huge help in preparing me. I have some experience with the other prep courses, and trust me this is not a universal luxury. The test taking strategies that are introduced in this course are by far the most accurate and helpful that I found, and the learning modules are very user friendly. If you have any questions, get on the website and start a chat at the bottom and you will soon realize you have a whole team in your corner. I passed my exam with confidence after using the Wysebridge program, and think that it is very realistic for anyone to learn with these resources and support.


Andrew Dietrick
Patent Agent

Wysebridge gave me a step-by-step guidance on what the PatentBar tests, how to tackle the questions asked, but most importantly, how to study for the exam. Before trying Wysebridge, I was overwhelmed studying on my own and using other studybooks online, while other, more expensive courses (PLI) had no focus and spent too much time on minor topics that might now even come up in the exam. Wysebridge hit that sweet spot of prioritizing important chapters, providing a straightforward plan of study, and distilling all the information down to the essentials. Their mobile app also ensured that I could take my studying and practice exams on the go. Would recommend to anyone planning on passing the patent bar.

Eladio Mendez, PhD
Patent Agent

I passed the patent bar exam in my first attempt. Wysebridge was the only review that I was relying on and I am really thankful to the Wysebridge team for putting together all the study material in an extremely systematic fashion. The practice questions were very comprehensively covered and the practice test really simulated the actual exam. Overall highly recommended and totally worth every penny.



Yogini Bhavsar-Jo
Patent Agent


Just passed on the first try with 23 days prep time with Wysebridge! Both the organization of the materials and the questions provided were essential to passing. I had purchased Omniprep over two years ago, but did not feel confident enough to take the exam before law school started. Omniprep pales in comparison to Wysebridge.

Jason G.
Patent Attorney

I passed the patent bar due mainly to the study guides and help offered by WYSEBRIDGE. The study guides and new questions were by far the best thing to synthesize the vast rules of the MPEP. The study guide gave a quick synopsis of topics that are covered repeatedly throughout the test. It also gave advice on new materials and supplements, such as the KSR/Bilenski. The questions are extremely helpful to see the study guide in a question format, like you would see on the Patent Bar. Bryan was also very quick to answer any questions you might have while studying the materials. I was confused on a certain topic in the MPEP and within a few minutes, even while he was away on vacation, he answered my question. I really hope Bryan keeps helping fellow patent bar takers. He has a great grasp on what topics to cover and a great presentation of the materials. He is a great contributor to the Patent and Intellectual Field. Thanks!

Nicole Grey
Patent Attorney

Very excellent review course. Only took this course and passed on my first time. Lots of good practice questions and answer explanations. Very much recommend this course.

Joseph M.
Patent Attorney


First of all it was a pleasure that I passed the Patent Bar using your online patent prep course. I struggled through other online courses but this online prep course made it feel simple and untreatable where anyone can understand what patent law is about . I was a Patent Examiner and will be heading USPTO Patent Examiner again starting. When I was a Patent Examiner before as GS-7 four years ago; we used to also have patent prep course at USPTO and the vocabulary was not taught in layman terms. But Wysebridge made me understand in a layman’s way. So would suggest that anyone can pass using Wysebridge Patent Bar prep course. 

Patent Agent

Thank you Wysebridge for helping me pass the patent exam on yesterday! For anyone considering taking the exam, you’re not going to find a better patent bar prep for this price!

Patent Agent

I took the bar exam two days ago and passed on my first try. I want to thank Wysebridge. I definitely would not have been reached my goal without Wysebridge. The most helpful features of Wysebridge are, in my opinion, (1) the highly organized way to learn gist of massive text of MPEP; (2) Numerals practice close to the questions in real exam; and (3) updated information of AIA Info, which is most important in current exams. The process is tough and painful, which is inevitable. But Wysebridge helps me to get though from the very beginning. Thank you, Wysebridge. You just give me an opportunity to start my new career

Zhengzheng Chen
Patent Agent


I was debating for a long time between spending the extra money on a more established patent bar review course like PLI and on Wysebridge. Wysebridge intrigued me because they stated that they focused on the new aspects of the exam. I knew that the exam had changed significantly over the last couple of years and thought it would be better to invest in something that had focused on staying updated. I ultimately chose Wysebridge because I emailed them and they responded with great information and customer service. In fact, I emailed them with questions and concerns throughout my study process and they always had really helpful things to say. Their program is not without some bugs, but they’re constantly trying to improve and the bugs didn’t really matter as far as learning HOW to take the test – which is what they really focused on. I’d definitely recommend them to people (especially solopreneurs) looking to take the patent bar exam.

Shreya Ley
Patent Agent

I came across WYSEBRIDGE about a week before I took the patent bar after I had seen Bryan’s work and assistance mentioned in several posts online. Given that I had only started doing practice exams 1.5 weeks before I took the real exam, I was very pressed for time. These materials turned out to be the best thing I could’ve studied in the days before the exam. The new exam questions were accurately summarized from the posts of fellow exam takers online, and the reasoning behind each question/topic was solid and accurate. These materials saved me from wasting countless hours by studying the wrong things and helped me to focus my studies on the most important issues at hand. To top it off, Bryan was wonderful to work with and always responded to my emails promptly. I highly recommend these materials to anyone who is preparing for the patent bar; they will undoubtedly save you time and energy during your studies as well as on exam day and may very well help you score the few extra points that mean the difference between passing and failure.

Kerry Leonard
Patent Attorney

I passed yesterday on the second try, and the most significant factor that pushed me over the mark was the Wysebridge study material. They are concise, on-point, highly accessible, and would probably guarantee a pass even if I had studied half as much. I feel like an afternoon with these materials is worth 50+ hours of ństudyingî that I was doing. I encountered no surprises on the exam thanks to these guides, and actually had 90 minutes left over in the AM section, and plenty of time left in PM. This is GOLD_it is literally a roadmap of the exam. You do not want to go to battle without this. I give my highest recommendation (higher than the free study materials and PLI combined) and my deepest thanks to Bryan.

Wyatt Michell 
Patent Attorney


Finally received word today that I am an official patent agent today. It feels AWESOME and I owe a large part of my success to Wysebridge Patent Bar Review! This program is amazing and truly the one and only!

Molly Haines
Patent Agent

I guess your great advices, your support and your wishes made it happened. I got a preliminary pass today!!!! I still canÍt believe it. What I know though is that you were one of my best support and I canÍt tell you how much I appreciate your help through this journey!!!! Thank you SO much for being around when I needed it. I think I could not have done it without you guys and your website. I hope that WYSEBRIDGE is going to get the recognition it deserves. You did a great job with that site and it helped me so much to learn the material.

Laetitia Leproust 
Patent Agent

The Wysebridge Patent Bar Review materials were very helpful in my patent bar preparation. Because some of the material was known to be repeated on the Exams, I was able to focus more time on those while also studying the other materials and test questions. I studied for two months (while working full time at a law firm) and I passed the first time. I credit passing the first time to Wysebridge and focusing on the provided exam questions and materials.

Kathleen Cafee 
Patent Agent


I want to let you know that I received a preliminary pass today! Your materials are truly what made the difference!!! How do I know that? Well, I took the exam and failed with a 67% after using other well known materials to study. In January, I purchased Wysebridge Pro and gained a better understanding of the materials, stopped using the other study resources, and relied solely on Wysebridge. In summary, Wysebridge is amazing!! Thank you

Chinie Mpamugo
Patent Agent

I passed on my first attempt using only Wysebridge for study materials. I had a limited amount of time to study for the exam, so I needed to make the most of it. What really stands out to me about the Wysebridge system is how efficient it is. The Patent Bar is equal parts skill and knowledge. Wysebridge tells you exactly what you need to know in a way that anyone can understand, and provides the means to quickly and efficiently develop the skills to pass. There isn’t any wasted time watching videos, reading MPEP sections, or listening to lectures. During the exam I felt very confident and actually found the exam much easier than I thought it would be. Thanks, Wysebridge!

Michale Pistorio 
Patent Attorney

Wysebridge was without a doubt the best source of material for preparing for the Patent Bar in a crunch and under a budget. I studied for about 3 weeks focusing primarily on the great Chapter Summaries and Frequency Questions. With the lack of information and/or misinformation about this test, Wysebridge cuts through the MPEP and gives you the tools you need to pass the test on your first attempt. I finished the exam KNOWING I passed. Can’t recommend this program highly enough. Also, the support was spectacular. Responses to any questions are sent within a few hours giving detailed explanations. Just a great experience all around!

Blake Dietrich 
Patent Attorney


Bryan and Wysebridge team- I just wanted to tell you that I PASSED the patent bar Wednesday after failing miserably before using your resources. THANK YOU for providing an excellent product, helpful tips, fast responses to questions, and a positive attitude!! My studying took over a year in total and the Wysebridge Pro materials, which I didn’t use until mid-way through studying, were by far the most helpful in passing the exam. Thank you all!

Jon Andring 
Patent Agent

Wysebridge.com was the key to passing the USPTO exam! Prior to Wysebridge.com, I used one of their competitors that guaranteed passage. After several months using that product, I was still not ready to take the USPTO exam. I found Wysebridge.com and signed up because of the individualized tests and results. The study materials were superior to those I previously used and I was able to use the practice exams on my iPad. I have a 6-month old child and my study time was limited. The Wysebridge system maximized my test preparation time and allowed me to identify the areas I needed the most work. The frequency charts were also helpful to identify which topics were important. Without Wysebridge, I would not have passed the exam. I would recommend this product to anyone that is studying to take the USPTO entrance exam.

Thomas Fuller
Patent Agent

Wysebridge helped me pass the patent bar! Most importantly, they have a huge selection of practice questions. If you learn by doing the questions, searching the MPEP will become second nature preparing you for whatever curve-balls they throw on the exam. Furthermore, Bryan gives 110% to this business and cares about the customers. For instance, he takes the time to give a rapid and thoughtful response to questions. Thanks Wysebridge!

Daniel Tagliente 
Patent Attorney





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