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At Wysebridge, we focus on what matters: helping you pass the Patent Bar Exam efficiently without wasting your time or money.

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Wysebridge stands out as the preferred choice for individuals, universities, and corporations preparing for the Patent Bar Exam for several compelling reasons. Our primary focus is on efficiency and effectiveness in exam preparation. We recognize the value of your time and commitment, which is why our resources and methods are designed to deliver the most relevant and up-to-date content without any unnecessary filler. This streamlined approach ensures that every minute spent with Wysebridge is a step closer to passing the exam.

Our comprehensive study material and tailored learning strategies prepare you to pass the exam effectively. This holistic approach is particularly appreciated by universities and corporations looking to enhance the expertise of their students and employees in the field of intellectual property. With Wysebridge, you’re not just studying to pass an exam; you’re building a foundation for a successful career in patent law.

Cost for non-students $594 (or $189/mo) $2,895
Cost for students (ask for applicable student discounts) $495 $1,895
Duration of access Unlimited till you pass 12 months
In Person Seminars no yes
First Time Patent Bar Passing Rate(National Avg = 47%) 81% unknown
Refund If Not Approved (OED Denies Application) yes no
Free Demo Trial yes no
Month to Month Access yes no
Payment Plans yes no
MPEP: online & downloadable yes yes
MPEP: content & chapter summaries yes yes
Must know content reviews yes -
Exam question types & searching tips yes -
Quick memorization tips yes -
Tested Subject Frequency Charts yes no
Repeated Exam Question Frequency Charts yes no
Content overviews (Videos) yes yes
Course outlines yes yes
Pause, bookmark & resume within courses yes yes
Statistics & course completion charts yes yes
Post AIA exam questions yes yes
Answer explanations and references to MPEP yes yes
Practice questions one by one yes yes
50q mock exam simulations yes yes
Statics and data insights on practice results yes yes
Review previous practice or exam sessions yes yes
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Continuous updates to content

We continue to refine and update our study materials and questions to ensure you are studying exactly what is needed to pass the patent bar exam.

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Your platform enables you to study at your own pace with real-time data feedback, community support, and more.

Save up to 50% time and money

Time is money. So is not passing the patent bar on the first try. That’s why we built the best system to help you pass as efficiently as posssible.

Expertise and Data Insights

Our patent bar review team has served more than 6000+ individuals pass the patent bar exam. We built Wysebridge.com to help you accelerate your patent and IP law career.