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How to Pass the Patent Bar

Achieving success on the USPTO Patent Bar Exam is a pivotal step for individuals aiming to embark on a career as a patent attorney or agent. This rigorous examination, overseen by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), is designed to assess a candidate’s profound understanding of patent law and the patent application process. Given the complexity and detailed nature of the exam, comprehensive preparation is essential for those aspiring to pass. emerges as an unparalleled resource in this endeavor. With a meticulously curated suite of study materials, practice exams, and personalized support, equips candidates with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the intricacies of the USPTO Patent Bar.

The platform’s academic rigor and confidence-inspiring approach are reflected in its cutting-edge learning methodologies and up-to-date content tailored to the latest USPTO exam guidelines.’s commitment to fostering a deep understanding of patent law principles, combined with practical application strategies, makes it an ideal partner for aspirants. The success rates of past users underscore the effectiveness of’s preparation strategies, making it a trusted ally in achieving one’s goal of passing the USPTO Patent Bar Exam. For those committed to excelling in their patent law careers, stands as the definitive resource to ensure exam readiness and confidence.

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“Wysebridge was without a doubt the best source of material for preparing for the Patent Bar in a crunch and under a budget. With the lack of information and/or misinformation about this test, Wysebridge cuts through the MPEP and gives you the tools you need to pass the test on your first attempt. I finished the exam KNOWING I passed. Can’t recommend this program highly enough.”

Blake Dietrich

Partner, Jackson Walker LLP

Cost and time effectice

“Wysebridge was less costly and more importantly their resources were exactly what I needed to pass”


Grace King

IP Attorney, Deloitte LLP

First Time Passing

“I passed on my first attempt using only Wysebridge for study materials. I had a limited amount of time to study for the exam, so I needed to make the most of it. What really stands out to me about the Wysebridge system is how efficient it is. The Patent Bar is equal parts skill and knowledge.”

Michael Pistorio

IP Attorney, ONDA

A simple choice

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Detailed Chapter Reviews

Quickly learn the architecture of the MPEP with our targeted and detailed MPEP chapter summaries, focusing on what really matters.

Frequency Charts

We make studying and focusing easy. By analyzing past exams and anecdotal evidence, we focus on what is tested most.

Hands-on Support

Get in touch with our Customer Support
anytime or drop into our discord and get all your questions resolved.

Practice Questions and Exams

With one of the largest post-AIA question databases (built from USPTO training resources), we have plenty of questions to practice on.


Over 1000 flashcards designed to help you rapidly assimilate key facts and knowledge about the exam.

Exam Insights and Tips

Gain invaluable insights about the exam, from prometric software bugs to practical tips about how to actually take the exam, on the day of your exam.

AIA & Rules Summary

Take control and master the latest post-AIA updates with our topical summaries and reviews covering all changes to the MPEP.

USPTO Resources

Quickly reference the resources provided by the USPTO within the platform including the MPEP.

Community Collaboration

Connect and collaborate with peers in our interactive online forums, a space to discuss, learn, and share insights with others who are also preparing for the Patent Bar Exam.

Exam Simulation

Practice under real exam conditions with our simulator, whether it’s through a genuine USPTO 50-question session or a custom test you create using our extensive database, preparing you for what to expect on exam day.


Enroll in our course with confidence. If the Office of Enrollment and Discipline deems you ineligible for the Patent Bar Exam before your test date, Wysebridge Patent Bar Review LLC will refund 100% of your course fee.

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Enjoy 12 months of unrestricted access to all Wysebridge PRO materials, resources, and support. Should you need additional time to pass the Patent Bar Exam, just let us know – we’re here to see you pass the exam.  Not extract money.